Thursday, August 25, 2011

on the 23rd

..i turned 23, felt so loved and so spoiled!

my favorite thing is to stay up til midnight and watch the date turn over.. a split second later i get a call from my parents. wow, they were quick.. i guess since i was the first baby they will never forget and even the three hour time difference can't even throw them off! their call was followed by a call from both of my brothers and sister. i loved it. it's funny how when you move away a simple call/skype from your family can mean the whole world.

i got sister's gift in the mail after work (a few hours before midnight)and was sooo happy! i love it so much!! it's a brass heart and silver band. ( ignore my "nubs"). my fingers do exist, promise.

and we all know that my parents got me the cricit and that can be my birthday present for a couple of years :)

my hubby came home an hour later and told me happy birthday (we weren't together last birthday) the whole week he kept saying ahhh this is the last week i'm going to be married/kiss my twenty two year old wife. i love his sense of humor.

he let me open his present. oh how creative it was. the card read: "to find your birthday present you have to go on a treasure hunt! i am naming it the happy 23rd bday- i love your face treasure hunt. here's the first clue: think of somewhere cold very far away and where they say 'ya tebya lublu' (we have a poster from russia) and so it went on for many clues..on the back they had reasons why he loves me. it was fun and romantic. my favorite types of gifts! it eventually led me to a gift card to my favorite place here panera bread!!

oh how i loved what he had planned!
the next day we had the morning/afternoon together thanks to my manager who switched me shifts. our day would've been me working 10-3, j working 3-2am. glad it wasn't like that.

we slept in, skipped breakfast and went to red robin because they give you a FREE meal on your birthday! i'm alllll about free things!

then we went to hunington beach and walked on the sand bare foot.
oh how i love the skyline of cleveland in the background.
it's crazy how much it feels like the ocean, minus the lack of waves.

love my hansome man
i love these things haha

then we went to crocker park and walked around and got a FREE ice cream at cold stone!

this is what my station looked like the whole night of doing hair. it was so much fun:)
and my manager made me a cake from scratch! oh it was delictious! she said she made the icing orange cause that's the color that fits me best in her mind!:)

then after work i grabbed my FAVORITE the veggie bowl at chipoltle

i had 140 texts/facebook messages/cards in the mail.. everyone was so thoughtful. thank you everyone for making it such a special day! the good thing about being married to a man whose seven years older.. you never feel old!!


Jenna said...

Happy late birthday!! How fun.

Where did your sister get that ring? I would LOVE one!

Jill Heaps said...

what a wonderful birthday!! I am so happy for you!! It is amazing how the thoughtful gifts mean sooo much! I love you!! Happy Happy #23!!!

Monica said...

Dad and I loved your post! You are loved. It makes me so happy that Justin took such good care and spoiled you on your birthday. Love the ring. I can't believe I have a 23 year old. You look so beautiful and radiate!
P.S. I can't believe you like Chipolte and Laurisa likes sushi. Amazing what marriage does!

marilyn said...

I agree with your mom, I'm soooo thankful you have such a wonderful husband and so thankful that he has such a wonderful beautiful wife. Happy Happy being 23! Love you!!!!!!!!

Angie Milne said...

YAY what a cute post! I am so behind because I don't look at blogs very often anymore :( you are too cute! Happy happy birthday Jos! You are beautiful!!! Yay for being 23 :)

Kylee said...

jos you're so cute! and you look so happy, which makes me happy :)