Saturday, September 17, 2011

9 months

of being married to my very best friend. sometimes i can't believe how "long" we've been married, but than at the same time i can't remember how it was without him in my life.

i'm so glad that God blessed the broken road that led us together.
he's more than i've ever imagined.

//we've had to learn to be okay with being apart more than we would like.. i wouldn't trade it for the world, it makes us stronger and we cherish our time that we have. i've been told "the first year is the hardest" well, we have three more months til we hit our year mark and marriage isn't what has been hard.. sometimes life's hard.. and with marriage it's easier because we can get through those times together.

oh so grateful.



Kelsey said...

So sweet! Happy 9 Months :)

marilyn said...

BEAUTIFUL! You are very wise, love it and I love you!

Grafton and Laurisa Milne said...

aww so cute sissy!! happy 9 months! I love that picture, i've never seen it it new? I love that you are happy with Dr. P. you deserve it. love you more than you know.

Jill Heaps said...

Congrats girl! I love you and I love Justin! I love seeing all your fun posts. It makes it feel like your not so far away! I love you!!