Wednesday, September 14, 2011

this is what a good day off looks like

i slept in, ate whole wheat waffles with fresh strawberries and maple syrup and headed to the beach.. this little guy was really cute.
nothing better than sand between your toesies, girl talk and perfect weather in front of the big lake that looks like an ocean.
this picture was taken for sister since she loves beaches.
kaitlyn and i.

then i kinda went exploring. i get these random urges to explore because of j. he loves it!duckies!

i have this love for lakes.

and i love purple trees.
then i went to my favorite place, crocker park and browsed at H&M. i did leave with cute long gloves and a warm sweater that i will be needing very soon:) i just looove the fall fashion this year!
i stepped into anthropologie because i saw a 25% off sweaters sign.. well lets just say after that discount they are still $100 bucks. oh anthropologie someday i will be able to buy your cheapest thing you own. haha. i love going in there to check out how they decorate. . you can see why..

yes, those are yellow leaves!! :)
oh how i love having a day off in the middle of the week! next day off sunday and j has it off too! wahoo!


marilyn said...

Jos you are a pro blogger, I love it and get so excited when you have a new entry, its always so fun to see what you are up to. A funny thing in the paper today it showed a hair stylist from Ohio putting in a feather, just like your picture on your blog, and it said the fishermen are so angry because that can't get enough feathers they use them as lures for fly fishing, grandpa and I laughed, cause it was exactly like your picture. Love you

Kim said...

woah! Love all your pics of your fun adventures out there! Love how you find beauty in everything around you... and it does all look so beautiful out there. So glad you guys are embracing your new crazy busy life.. and enjoying every single second together- you guys are the cutest couple!