Wednesday, October 19, 2011

family bliss

it was so much having my family come visit us!! we both got off work (it was a miracle that j did). we enjoyed every second. the first thing we did was go to cedar point!

it is right next to lake erie and is so beautiful, it was 79 degrees and crowded! we still had FUN!
some of the best roller coasters are there, let me tell you i was so scared, then in shock and laughing all at the same time after!!
the first ride we went on was millenium force, the very top (before you drop) is 310 feet, you can see canada and it's very pretty!!

every line was two hours long! we had plenty of time to catch up:) and time to take pictures, haha.
love my little mommy.

then the craziest ride, i can't believe i did is called the dragster (2nd tallest roller coaster in the world) you go from 0-120 mph in 4 seconds, go straight up, then straight down all in 13 seconds
sure love being a daddy's girl.

love them.

oh so much fun!

oh the nerves!

good weather, fun park, good company!
what more could you want?

we also got a little spooked in a haunted trail.. my husband thought it was funny to thoew me right in front of the scary people..

can you tell they had fun driving around together?

after church we decided to show off the beautiful lake erie at hunington beach.

love the birds, love us!!
cutest parents. such a wonderful marriage.. 24 years!!

after good food and a wonderful sunday nap we took the family to see the beautiful fall leaves at the metro parks!
so handsome!
biggest leaf!!!
gosh, this world we live in is so pretty!love my little friend!
should be in a magazine
my little brother is all grown up!
we've done this since we were kids! celebrating the fall!!! :)
love love love love him.
such good men to pose for a picture for the girls!
we made baked apples with a walnut brown sugar filling!
we went to kirtland! so much fun seeing the history there! the newel k. whitney store!! they used to sell a variety of things at the store.. loved the fabrics!

cutest yellow house!.. nice face mitch. haha

oh so pretty!

the kirtland temple! love that it is the first temple ever built by the saints. what faith they had!

love being sandwiched by my brothers:)
my favorite men.
see ya in 2 years brother! so proud of you!
johnson farm!

coolest floor!

loved this. they couldn't get enough of the trees! such arizona boys!

loved seeing the furniture and how they use to decorate their homes.

see the resemblance?:)

photoshoot near the barn

oh how i cherish him.

off to amish country! the boys loved the horse and buggies and the woah signs!

so open and beautiful!

we went to mama yoder's place to eat. my favorite part was the pumpkin pie!

made homemade apple cider. YUM. one morning we made homemade whole wheat pancakes with pumpkin spice and grounded nutmeg. oh how i love fall foods!

we had a girls morning.. colored/cut mommy's hair and waxed her eyebrows. then we went shopping and had so much fun:) she bought me a fur vest that i love. oh so comfy! the boys went to the rock and roll hall of fame. no pictures.. cause well, they are boys...

we did a little more of my quilt that i'm making!

we made enchiladas! they turned out delicious!

they all disappeared!

and the traditional carmel popcorn (we carmalized peanut butter & honey) so good!!!

games, games, games! mom, mitch and i stayed playing til 2 am one night!

this is my "i don't like when my brother beats me face" i had my share of wins though:)
dear family, we miss you already. four years is almost up.. okay not really.. but we can pretend?


Monica said...

This MADE MY DAY!!! I love you so much and that amazing husband of yours. WE had the greatest, most fun fall break ever!!! What a wonderful memory and I got to relive it all over again on your blog! I am the LUCKIEST MOM IN THE WORLD!!!

marilyn said...

WOW!!! Josie the pictures and amazing and should be in a magazine, I love seeing your family together, this is such a fun blog. You are so talented putting it together, I can't believe how beautiful Ohio is in the fall, I forgot, it was so long ago that we lived there. I really remember the leaves, I even mailed some home to my mom so she could see them. Love You Josie, you are the Best!