Tuesday, September 20, 2011

the start of fall!

jill and i went on a walk through the metro parks! it was so much fun because the leaves are starting to change!! it was theee perfect day, 70 degrees! it was so nice to catch up and enjoy the beautiful park.

jill and i have so much in common. both of our hubby's are ER doctor's in residency at the same hospital and we both had to move away from our family and friends. we love exploring this new city and learning things from eachother! she teaches me how to coupon and cook and i teach her how to craft:)

loving fall!

obssessed with the leaves!

isn't she so cute with her prego belly??!

love this time of year!!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

9 months

of being married to my very best friend. sometimes i can't believe how "long" we've been married, but than at the same time i can't remember how it was without him in my life.

i'm so glad that God blessed the broken road that led us together.
he's more than i've ever imagined.

//we've had to learn to be okay with being apart more than we would like.. i wouldn't trade it for the world, it makes us stronger and we cherish our time that we have. i've been told "the first year is the hardest" well, we have three more months til we hit our year mark and marriage isn't what has been hard.. sometimes life's hard.. and with marriage it's easier because we can get through those times together.

oh so grateful.


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

this is what a good day off looks like

i slept in, ate whole wheat waffles with fresh strawberries and maple syrup and headed to the beach.. this little guy was really cute.
nothing better than sand between your toesies, girl talk and perfect weather in front of the big lake that looks like an ocean.
this picture was taken for sister since she loves beaches.
kaitlyn and i.

then i kinda went exploring. i get these random urges to explore because of j. he loves it!duckies!

i have this love for lakes.

and i love purple trees.
then i went to my favorite place, crocker park and browsed at H&M. i did leave with cute long gloves and a warm sweater that i will be needing very soon:) i just looove the fall fashion this year!
i stepped into anthropologie because i saw a 25% off sweaters sign.. well lets just say after that discount they are still $100 bucks. oh anthropologie someday i will be able to buy your cheapest thing you own. haha. i love going in there to check out how they decorate. . you can see why..

yes, those are yellow leaves!! :)
oh how i love having a day off in the middle of the week! next day off sunday and j has it off too! wahoo!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

something new

we've heard so much about MELT. we had to try it.

they are famous for having only grilled cheese on their menu. pretty much you can order anything and it's sandwiched between cheese.unique wall art.

this is what the back of the menu's looked like! loved it.

can you tell we don't have cable?. haha

homemade veggie burger!

and had to end the night with frozen yogurt before it gets too cold to have any treat besides hot chocolate..
i'm loving the crisp air, the fact that i "had" to buy a leather jacket, boots, leggings and sweaters, and that i've had so much husband time. (2 months of straight ER rotations=no 24 hour shifts!). . even then i can never get enough of that man. it might be good that sometimes we aren't together because my stomach needs to recover from all of the laughing i do when he's around.. even when he gets home at 3 am and wakes me up, he finds a way to make me laugh.
the leaves are changing ish. i think i've seen ten yellow leaves. . but i get so excited!
oh so prettyy!!

j just got off work also, so we are ready to party hard when my family comes in a month!!!

Friday, September 2, 2011

life lately

i'm loving the hair stylist life. got my business card. :) don't mind my hansome studious hubby in the background.. it's fun to get into the trends. . especially the hair ones, since we offer them at the salon. the biggest are the hair feathers.

and the clip in hair extensions that give you a pop of color without coloring your hair. (ignore my ghostly white face.. bad lighting)

and newspaper nails. so much fun:) i did it with water instead of rubbing alcohol .. i didn't want to put that on my nails yuck. you just put the newspaper in the water and then onto your nail and then peel it off!!
the yummy food i've had lately!
since ohio doesn't have paradise, i settled for panera bread and they have ALOT of things i like better!! the medeterannean veggie sandwich on tomato basil bread and the garden veggie pesto soup is my favorite :)
i had my friend jill (one of the residents wife) over and i made pizza and a yummy greek salad. first time making it. it turned out yumm!

we had some friends from church over for dinner and i made the cafe rio sweet pork salad from scratch. cafe rio doesn't exist here and we were having withdrawls! they love cafe rio also! it took me a few hours because it was my first time, but it was soo yummy. i made the tortilla's from scratch, did the sweet pork, cilantro lime rice, beans and the dressing they use!! i even added fresh cilantro, parmesan cheese and the tortilla strips. i felt i was really there!

and a stylist at work told me about menchies. it's a self serve yogurt place! didn't know they existed here. i was so excited!! it is soooo yummy with a million different kind of toppings. i got carried away and filled it to the top top. haha. i went by myself because j was busy with doctorly duties. i don't mind doing things by myself.. guess that's good!

jill took me to pic up her weekly basket of produce (csa) yummiest things ever! i totally wanna jump on the bandwagon
YUM. so fresh!

they even had a band playing! loved it! i got pepper jack cheese made by amish. it was so good, and also homemade whole wheat bread that was similar-ish to my mama's bread

my friends are having baby girls, so i've been having fun making clips/headbands and bows!
i helped jill make things for her baby's room! it turned out so cute with help from the cricut!

ohhh how pretty the sky was!

i got a gym membership. it's an awesome gym. it has a lady only work out area.. tons of machines.. three levels of work out "stuff" and a track on top, a pool, and a theater that shows movies while you do the tredmill, bikes or elipticals!

i'm so excited for fall. i got bath and body's candle. they were two for one right now! they smell soo yummy and get me in the mood for fall!

the wonderful moments from skyping

with my family.
one sunday night j was working and i got lonely so i skyped my family. . as you will see .. they are very entertaining even 2,000 miles away..

love this face of roxy's

and paco's pretty cute too

i loved being "at the table" during their sunday night discussion.
mom tried to feed me a gummy hahaha.

and she got kinda silly.. wonder where i get it from?

oh and daddy danced for me in the background.. he knows what makes me happy..

these two are hilarious. oh how i miss them already

haha oh g

love that we have skype in between visits!!

thanks for the entertainment sweet family of mine.