Thursday, June 30, 2011

2,000 miles

ended up taking us 38 hours.

my husband drove every single second.. he loves it, lucky for me. i probably slept 1,000 of those miles. [not really, but if you were to ask him, he would probably say it was pretty dang close..
last day in arizona

tara came to visit, so much fun to see her cute prego belly and to catch up and eat yummy frozen yogurt. love her.

went to dinner with sister, caitlin and britt at our traditional pita j. sure love these girls.

saw sister's FIRST house. oh how charming it is.

sister and i had a melt down. it was SO SAD. oh how we are going to miss each other.
being 2,000 miles apart wasn't in the plan that we made when we were five and seven.
if you were wondering, our plan was: when we had houses to have a slide that attached to them.

and jammed to jack johnson with mitch in the car. [it was his last night too, he was off to byu]

tears were shed, trust me.

it's hard not knowing when i will see the whole family again.
luckily mom, dad and jake are coming in october!
but sister and g.. who knows ..

and mitch.. it might be 2 1/2 years til i see his face after his mission. hope not.

the drive:

we went through new mexico,texas, oklahoma, arkansas, missouri, illinois, indiana and ohio

a big thank you to : nana and grandpa for driving mister up. they kept up with us the whole time. impressive!
took pictures in my favorites..

new mexico. haha, loved this. so random

stopped at sweet buried cars in TX

then the famous st. louis arch.
it was so much fun driving through st. louis. such wonderful memories of living there.

finally - our destination.


marilyn said...

I remember this, you think you will never arrive, driving forever. Grandpa would say the same about me, that I slept most of the way, I can't believe Nana could drive that far and stay awake, Paul must have done the driving, amazing whoever drove! I'm so glad you blog I just love seeing the pictures and feeling you close by even though you are so far away. We are sooo happy for the two of you and so glad you have each other!!!!

Grafton and Laurisa Milne said...

i love this...what amazing pictures!! quite the travelers!!
I miss you sister. I wish I did have a date I was coming for sure...
Know that I love you!! enjoy the adventure with hubby :)