Wednesday, June 29, 2011

whiting reunion

this family is crazy. don't believe me? let me prove it..

this is normalcy
but this is what makes them a "whiting" and life so much FUN.
this year the whiting reunion was in deer creek, utah.
we stayed in cabins and we had so much fun.
we were very entertained around the fire..
and what would be a reuinon without crafting? even if it's in the woods..
or huge hugs/squishes?

we played TONS of games. we even had a very competitive olympics. didn't know my grandpa was competitive til this reuinon. .no WONDER whiting's are competitive ;)

and grandma is too.. just look at that face..

lots and lots of fishing occurred..i thought it was intriguing/disqusting when i watched them go through all of the steps to cooking fish. davin grossed me out when he ate the eyeballs.
NOT for me.
we ended by going to mammoth cave. it was very fun. at one part of the cave, we were army crawling to get out. it was verrrrrry dark! eek!
i just love experiencing new things with this man.
the whiting/pattee/milne clan.
sure was fun spending time with every single person on the whiting side. what a rare occassion!
my adventurous husband decided he wanted to build a fort. it took a couple hours a day, i helped and it was very fun.
the final product.. 13 feet tall :)
we went on a little detour to brian head to see snow!

there's never a boring/dull moment with this guy or this family!


marilyn said...

I don't thint you know how to be bored! Impossible from the day you were born, happy, beautiful and full of life, never a dull moment and their never will be with Joslyn, Justin has no idea whats ahead for him, he thinks happy and wonderful but it will be even better than that! Love you

Monica said...

I'm so glad that we were able to make the reunion happen before you left to Ohio. It wouldn't have been the same without you!!! You two made it so fun! I loved the fort, it was amazing! You have a very talented husband and you make a great team! It was a mother's dream to have all her children together...I will cherish it! Love Mom