Wednesday, June 29, 2011

vaca vaca vacation

in utah was absolutely beautiful.

we spent 160 plus hours together straight and were in heaven.

first, we stopped in st. george. what a charming little town. since going to temples when we are in new states is what we do, we went. i loooved the red rock and green trees behind the white temple. oh so beautiful.

dang, i have the most hansome husband.

it was so much fun to go to church with justin's brother and have a barbeque with two of his brothers and family. it was reallly yummy.

i had to take a picture of my nieces and nephews. . they obviously felt left out of the "adult talks" they have a HUGE ear that is attached to a microphone. you put it in your ear and whala- you can hear everything. troy said really softly. i heard this year, my boys aren't getting christmas presents. they heard. and boy, did we hear their reactions. haha
we stopped at deer creek. it was unbelievably beautiful.
oh how we love the great outdoors.
it was very fun for us. we did a lot of introducing each other to our friends. justin met lacey. it was so much fun seeing her. it had been a year ish.

we had never been to temple square together. oh how i love that place. oh, so peaceful. the salt lake temple looks like a castle. i love it.

we went to a lot of neat places to eat- my favorite.. the mayan adventure.the whole place makes you feel you're in the jungle/disneyland.
best of all it was mexican. i loved how you watch the divers, dive off the ceiling/high rocks into the pool of water below the waterfall. it's very entertaining. i'm suprised my food didn't get cold.
to end the trip, my romantic man took me to the same exact spot (near the y) overlooking the city, where he brought me to tell me he loves me for the very first time.
oh how i loved that moment.


Kylee said...

jos! This is so cute. I'm so excited for all of your new adventures :)

marilyn said...

You do have a wonderful Husband and you certainly deserve him! love you