Sunday, May 1, 2011

date with husband

we've found that we don't go on dates as much being married. after a long week of work, cuddling, watching a show {24 season 3 in particular} and talking the night away sounds perfect to us.

last night husband planned a date. a very good one.

we ate at my favorite, gecko grill. {went there on our very first date} it was so nice not to have to cook and just enjoy eachother and yummy mexican.

then suddlenly i was blindfolded (with his shirt) and husband tried to "convince" me we were going downtown phoenix.
while blind folded: he loved saying, "hey, look at that lady!" & "did you see that over there?"

he totally threw me off and said hey, do you know where thomas road is? i totally thought we were on the other side of town.

my view after the blind fold was removed..

he took me back to our exact spot we used to go while dating to be alone. no one's ever around and the stars are oh so bright.

oh how we enjoyed a romantic night, with candles all around us, yummy sparkling cider and a night under the stars.

i think i'll keep him.


Jill Heaps said...

Yep, he's a keeper!! I love you and Justin!!

marilyn said...

I love you two together, its wonderfulto see you so happy, you will love Ohio, and where ever you are together! Love you

Alex and Kelsey said...

Holy cuteness! I got chills- what a sweetheart!