Thursday, April 28, 2011

warning:picture overload.

easter weekend was so relaxing. it was sooo nice to have a real weekend rather then working through my weekend and being with family in nana's cozy cabin

first day:

boys went fishing, nana & grandpa relaxed at the cabin, mom, dad, j & i went to tonto bridge

mom dad and the j pattee's

love this view!
love my little mommy.
picnic lunch inside the cave

oh so pretty! mom now has an embarrasing story:
justin and i were walking behind her and all of a sudden we see her put her arm around a strange guy and cuddling up.. i was like mom, what are you doing.. she freaked out and told him that she thought he was her husband who was ahead. he thought she was his wife. oh how funny it was. i wish dad would've seen it.

easter morning was perfect.

after church

oh how we love our sis and g

our skirts we made on sister day! oh, so fun!

butters, the chipmunk came for a little visit. (okay maybe a three hour one) this was husbands FAVORITE part by far. he's such an animal lover. and the little guy was so friendly and oh so hungry!

they made it look so easy and fun..
yes, my husband's holding my hand down cause the second earlier i pulled away right as the little chip munk was going to take the food. what can i say?
after that, i just wanted to watch.

next up: easter egg hunt

boy did they go all out. we had strings that we had to wrap up and go all across the woods to find the end, then we could start the hunt..

this year there were $200 dollars in all of the eggs combined. this resulted in:


and climbing

this was alot harder than it looks. .

after seeing g's scratches up his arm, i had no problem getting a little boost:)

we hit the jackpot! $64 dollars and a basket of candy and bubbles

oh, and edible rubber duckies (white chocolate) couldn't resist..

these were monster bubbles!


jakes got the moves while blowing bubbles.

the shirt says it all. i do love my hubby. however i love beating him in games more.. i beat him twice and both times were quite the come backs!
oh how we love ATV rides.

thank you cabin for being oh so good to us.
such a romantic place for us since pine is the proposal place for us.


Alexis Kaye said...

I have a funny story. Me and Clint were looking at apartments and the helping us had his lady to come in to drop off some stuff. She came in wearing one of those shirts. He got really irritated and I'm sure got mad at her later. She was his girlfriend, she wanted to get married, and was dropping some pretty big hints. Whenever I see that shirt I always think of that :) also, I love your family! they're so funny! The one of your brother with the squirrel eating off his stomach :) AND, you and Justin are a seriously cute couple, fyi.

Jill Heaps said...

I love all the fun pictures... especially the I love my hubby shirt! You are such a darling couple! I love you!!