Monday, May 23, 2011

our first home !

we are so excited to have finally found a place! we were just going to be in a small one or two bedroom apartment.. kinda crazy that they are so expensive in the part of ohio where the hospital is since it's a nice area outside of cleveland. the houses are even more expensive to buy and are very old. we lucked out and found a newer house where the owners went down a couple hundred a month ( same price as the two bedroom apartments) since we wanted a 4 year contract. it's perfect for us. i even get my very own craft room. it's 1750 sq ft: three bedroom, 2 bath, and 2 car garage (perfect for keeping our cars warm in the snowy weather) aaaand it's only 12 minutes from the hospital!!

here it is.

we are very excited!
nooo its not snowing in may, it;s just the only picture i could find of it :)

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Jill Heaps said...

It's darling! I am so excited for you guys!!! I love it!