Monday, May 30, 2011

mitchell wade whiting

graduates high school.

class of 2011

older sister has bragging rights:

he was ten percent of his class,

exceeded all sections of the AIMS testing

and the centurian in seminary.

such a smarty.

oh so proud.

(can't believe it's been four years since i graduated)

where does the time go??

now off to byu and then a 2 year mission and then get married 10 years after that. (ok maybe i

i'm just dreaming cause i'm not ready for him to grow up??) regardless, great things ahead! go mitch!!

the weather was ammmaazing and it's the end of may and oh how i love az sunsets.

mitch sandwich by the sissy's
so proud to be his little big sis.

mitch giving the highland "hawk" sign

waylan said he wanted to be a garbage man when he grows up.. i think now he wants to be a musican.
we ate mitch's face to celebrate and it was so yummy.
love you champ!

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