Tuesday, May 10, 2011

oh, ohio.

you are going to be our home oh, so soon.

ready or not here we come. (almost)

we aren't quite done soaking in arizona and family time.

finding a place online and getting others opinions on the phone was wayyy too hard. so j decided to go out. i told him, i trusted him and he knows what i like. . he on the other hand, had a much better idea. he videoed all of the apartments. . so i could have a digital tour ! it made me quite dizzy, but i loved it.

justin was very good at making me feel i was apart of the trip and made my 14 hour day of work very entertaining.. i will share the pictures he sent me so you can get a feel of ohio :)

oh how i will love being so close to lake erie and surrounded by greenery! so pretty!!

the beach will be my favorite. i love feeling the sand between my toesies.

and i won't mind driving by these beauties that are old vintage homes, remodeled inside. obsessed.

so husband had a few hours before his flight and had to take the rental car back. so what does his spontaneous mind think of? walk an hour to dunkin donughts because he can. .and ride the train to downtown cleveland. i love the adventures he comes up with.

such a cool waterfall, such a cute face.

the text sent with this picture said. "do you ever feel like you just don't quite fit in?" hahahah


Jolyn Buhrley said...

OH my goodness you have a cute hubby. No wonder you guys have so much fun together. The pictures are beautiful! I'd say he was a great tour guide! SO excited for you both and so excited we get to see you in June before you leave!! LOVE YOU!! XOXO

Kyle and Tara said...

yipee! i bet it feels good to have a place all picked out!

Jill Heaps said...

You have the best husband ever!! I love that he wanted you to be a part of everything! You guys are going to have such a wonderful time!!! I love you!

Jami said...

How exciting. I am glad you found a cute place to live. So important to make you feel at home.
Looks beautiful there.