Wednesday, February 24, 2010

sock hop

sis was in charge of the ward sock hop. she decorated the place amazing. i loved the excuse of wearing my poodle skirt that i had when i was ten years old, chewing bubble yum gum, having root beer floats, taking pictures of the love birds (g and sis) and dancing the night away to 50's music.
the famous love birds g is so fun
love blowing bubbles
i love this girl

givin elvis some lovin'.

we would fit in the fifties well. . just sayin.

loved it.


Laurisa Ashley Whiting said...

I love this sis :) :) didn't even put a picture of the "Love birds" on here though :) I love that you enjoyed it...that alone is worth all the work! I sure love you and you're adorable!!

Christina said...

Wow! What a fun activity! And kudos to you! Not many people could say that they could wear anything from when they were 10! Wow!
You guys look great!

Heaps Family said...

You are waaay tooo cute! I love how much you embrace life and everything you are doing. I love you and your HUGE HEART :)