Saturday, February 6, 2010

giiirls night!

we went to the midnight showing of dear john. we had fun as you can tell.. we wore our pj's and we bought plenty of food at walmart for the same price as like a popcorn and candy at the theater haha:) i love girls nights so much. the movie was good.. except the ending was sad.. i love sappy love stories where they live happily ever after. oh well.
my love story that i'll have someday can be exactly how i want it.

one more thing: tara got her mission call to the phillipines, quezon city mission, tagalog speaking. she leaves april twenty first. i'm so happy for her.


Alix said...

Joslyn! Girl! I just saw that movie and it WAS sad! Except I thought it ended perfectly given the story! I like to think they ended up together! I mean that hug at the end was a hug to REMEMBER!

jacque said...

A dear friend, who was my visiting teaching partner was the first girl in the phillipins to be baptized. She went to B.Y.U. Hawii and is the greatest lady ever. I love you, Your Nana

jacque said...

I love your music. I love you!