Tuesday, February 2, 2010

i'm followin

my rainbow
{rainbow: colbie caillat}
"im still feeling the rain fall
and bouncin off my skin
how long do i have to wait for
the sun to shine again?

come on paint me the rainbows
i can follow it
i don't know where it will take me
but i like wonderin'

wherever you are
where you will be
are you the same or dreamin after
waitin only for me
waiting for love
waiting for the same or
dreamin on the other side
hoping no matter how far i'll find my way to you
followin a rainbow

im gonna stop in the middle
hang my feet off the edge
i got no reason to worry
i know i'll find the end
that's where you'll be waiting
i hope you don't forget
that i won't quit til i find you
no matter the risk

i'm followin my rainbow.."

{this pretty much sums up my feelings.}


Natalie said...

Ohhh I love you! So excited to see you Thursday :D

tarabg said...

amen sista.