Monday, February 22, 2010

rainy day

today mia and i spent the rainy day together. she's the cutest thing ever. i love little kids so much. i started babysitting her when she was a week old, it's so much fun to see how she has grown. two is the best age. she laughs and smiles constantly. she calls me jossie and its adorable. oh how i loved this rainy day:)


Willi Nixon said...

that little girl is precious! i miss you!

Boise Buhrley's said...

These pictures are the cutest. SO,so CUTE!
Mia reminds me of Gracie at that age!! ESPECIALLY the last picture of her laughing, that looks just like my Gracie! 2 yr olds are the greatest....and so are you.

Oh, and I forgot to leave you a check! I took 2 already, and your mom wrote down the other 2...I think!:)

marilyn said...

You are one busy girl, I'm so proud of you, I love the pictures, it reminded me of Gracie too, I'm anxious to be my black head band, I really love them, I can't believe I'm saying that I hope its in the mail! Love Love Love you