Thursday, August 16, 2012


j and i were able to go to utah at the end of june for the pattee reunion! it was so nice spending time with my pattee family and feeling close to home.
i met a really nice lady on the airplane, she let me go to the united club. it was so nice and i was able to eat for free, watch tv and charge my phone between flights. i love when people go above and beyond to be kind.
                                                love the sunset behind the plane
loved meeting my new precious niece, norah. she has a full head of hair, and is the best baby i've ever met.
 before the reunion started we went mini golfing. it was so good to see them,                          
i sure love my aunt jill. i'm pretty sure thomas is taller than justin now,
 and emily has such spunk and i love it! did i mention, i got a hole in one ? :)
we were drooling while we were in line at cafe rio, we have missed this place so much. even though we went on our trip to virgina beach and then i got some in az in january. it wasn't enough.
my first pattee family pictures & j's first picture with a wifey:)
this is my favorite family picture of the pattee boys. i love j's blonde mop! 
 i have such stud brothers in law/husband
don't know what i'd do without him
                          love my cute sisters in law. they are all so talented and great examples.
                                                                 love the jumping!
                                          all my cute nieces and nephews. i have a lot:)
                                          oh little norah, you've officially made me baby hungry!

such a cute uncle.
        he acts their age and i love watching.

                                      jane wanted to capture our matching glitter shoes :)

twister game with the cutest girls!
we had of their neighbors pool to ourself. it was seriously amazing. j and i decided we want one someday. the slide was a perfect slide for a big tube. i can't even count how many times we went down!
                my cute in laws gave in to family peer pressure, my favorite is that they are both plugging there noses while holding hands.

j and i went to seven peaks and had a blast! he tricked me into going down one of the free falls, i hadn't seen it yet.. i went head first on a mat, it was one of the scariest feelings, but loved it! :) love spending time with this man of mine.
the adults went laser tagging at trafalga.
my cute anna
we had to check out the new city creek downtown salt lake.  
      we were so impressed!
the biggest f21 i've ever been to. i was in heaven.
love the horse in buggy!
of course we went to the temple, my favorite for sure. it looks like a big castle. love that i get to be with my man forever and ever. if you want to learn more.. go here
j took me to park city and we did the alpine slide. it was so much fun and so beautiful!
love park city in the summer!

                                         we found a door my size and my favorite color!
                                                           oh how i love the mountains.

we caught up with a few of j's friends and then went to sonic to get shakes with my good friend lindsey and her husband scott. so good to see them:)

til next time beautiful utah!

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Lynn said...

so glad you are blogging, we love
the pictures, and cant wait to see
you. Love Love Love You
Thanks for doing such a great job
sharing, your pictures are precious
Grandma and Grandpa