Tuesday, August 14, 2012


.. of our second summer in ohio.
j had a saturday off and took advantage of it and signed up last minute for a 5k. i love his passion for running, and being his number one fan cheering on the sidelines :)
 i love taking walks with my love. i know that we will always keep this tradition going.
bbq with our residency friends. boy was the food good!
we cooked brown sugar pineapple on the grill. it was gone in literally in seconds.
these girls. natalie moved to arizona to start residency. she is missed!
we found a really unique reservation.

i still love all the trees that surround you wherever you go!
we had a lot of late night snacks
have sure loved the sunshine!
we went to one of our favorites, panera bread so yummy and fresh!
and olive garden. best meal i've had in a long time!
and tried a new place, oh how i love eating outside :)
one of my favorite meals i made, thank you pinterest. j was impressed. recipe here
 love having fresh basil around!
 one of my favorite texts convos.. yes, it's true.. i don't like speaking right when i wake up, just little grunts haha!

when j works night shifts, i tend to treat myself and watch chick flicks :)
watched this little cutie, it was so much fun and made me excited for our future kiddos!
have enjoyed wearing my bangs two different ways! i've also been really busy at work, feels good to be building a clientele!
our dress code is changing to black and white, so i had to get creative. i got this dress for ten bucks and cut out a heart and sewed lace to the back of it.
got this dress for ten bucks also, took it in and used the extra fabric to make ruffles :)
this tank was 5 bucks, and i sewed black and gold striped fabric to the back of it to give it a little bit more pizazz! don't be afraid to personalize clothes!
added ruffles to one of my large tanks and then added little fabric ovals to one of my plain white t's :)
 this was a dress that got too short, so i made it into a shirt with ruffles :)
we were given the gold duvet, it's perfect for our room! i added the bow to the pillow with the same fabric to tie the duvet in!
 i finally got to finishing the pillows for our guest room! love how it turned out!
loving birds/prints right now
yes, my heart still skips a beat when i get home and see his car in the garage!
frozen yogurt.. can i say more?

just happened to capture some of the people of walmart in ohio... ya.. scary!
( just so you know, i did not color their hair)
we took advantage of our neighborhood pool. even though we are laying out in this picture, we mostly played games in the pool like ten year old kids :) & i have fully enjoyed this cherry season!
more highlights, coming soon...


Grafton and Laurisa Milne said...

wow! you've been busy!! great blog... i love that ive already seen every single one of these pics :) i don't like to miss out!! haha. you're the best. love you!

Jill Heaps said...

So SOOO fun!! You have a great life!! Thanks for sharing.. I am VERY glad to know you didn't color the Walmart people's hair :)