Thursday, August 16, 2012

proud to be an american

we had a wonderful 4th. i got off at 6, and j had the day off! 
 i sure was patriotic, besides my festive clothes, i have red hair, white skin and blue eyes :)
we went to the same place we went last year for dinner. we ordered ribs/hamburgers to have the full american effect!
we hung out at crocker park, sat in cute colored chairs and people watched, talked and enjoyed the nice weather.. oh and we couldn't resist menchies fro yo :) 
i wanted a picture and this is the face i got.. 
of course i made him do a re take. ha . silly boy. he loves "ruining" pictures! oh, well guess that gives me two to choose from ! 
we went to the lakewood park that is on lake erie. it is supposed to be the best place in cleveland. however after three fireworks, they had "technical difficulties" good thing i took a picture of the first firework.. guess we saw a show for a minute! we were one out of hundreds that were sad.
we enjoyed a night of just the two of us and  an excuse to celebrate this wonderful country we live in!
God Bless the USA!

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