Saturday, August 18, 2012

reuinted after ten years

we were neighbors in tennessee and decided to reunite since we are neighboring states now!

hannah and i. yes, i'm on my tip-toes. don't know how the younger sister's (hannah & laurisa) out-grew us!

we went to cheesecake with j. boy it was good. i had my first cheesecake that i can remember (sister claims i've had one) it was cookie dough and it was heavenly! i love sitting outside at restaurants!
we grabbed sushi at the mall, before my shift. so yum:)
they entertained themselves while i worked. cutest masks!
we went on a stroll around the neighborhood. oh how mighty fine my man is :)
j captured this on the first try, pretty impressive! .. yes, it looks like i have a gnarly beard..but i don't! 

pretty much every night we stayed up til 2-4 am crafting, laughing and bringing up memories! my kind of girl time! (the craft room is by our bedroom, so while j was sleeping, we brought the sewing machine downstairs.. who knew you could sew on a bed?
the 3 am giggles! they now know how crazy silly i get in the middle of the night!
an up close of our necklaces we made . they are for sale here 
we went to lake erie after church. had quite the photoshoot:)
all of our matching necklaces !
toes in the sand, my favorite.
cutest girls!

here we are so long ago. yes, mitch and hannah got married.. i was such a lovely preacher.. don't you think? haha. it was so much fun seeing them, they are the same in most ways :)
hannah is doing the cosmetology route also, she painted my toesies. love them!
this is our hair chain we made.. 
our last craft..we made vests, by stenciling our favorite animal !
love how they turned out!

when i got home from work, they had cleaned the house and left me goodies. so stinking adorable. 
love me some girl time, come back soon!

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Anonymous said...

love you jos! I want to go back right now!