Thursday, August 4, 2011

a virtual tour

of our very first home..

starting with my favorite room: our bedroom. . love the french doors and ceiling.

ok so the bedroom is not complete, i eventually want to make a headboard/pillows and i'm thinking i'll add olive green to the neutrals. (creme, tan and gold) eventually get a papa chair and a bench to go by the window.

i want our room to always be about us.. where we can escape from stresses and feel memories and love all around. (i strung a picture of us dating, engaged and wedding day, notes we had written while dating and being apart during our engagement, wedding certificate and other special things)

my dream craft room.. my mama came to visit and we decorated til we couldn't anymore.. we also had great finds at antique stores.. one being this old fashioned sewing machine that still works. it's amazing and we found it for a steal..

a close up..
love my collage
i made a dry erase board (fabric inside a frame.. get a dry erase marker and write on the glass).. we love writing notes and this was a perfect way to save paper and make getting ready in the bathroom more enjoyable.
i was so sick of trying to find the right eyeshadow/make up every morning. so i magnetized them :) putting on make up has never been so fun!
this is the guest bathroom. i love the yellow walls.
office! my mom and i made the curtains cuter ..we pinned them up:) i made the gray and white things using extra book shelves and painted a favorite design! the bookshelf, i put together all by myself and i'm quite proud.. that's what happens when your husband is in residency and you don't wanna wait til he has "extra time" i added the same fabric in the back that i put on the chair.
i wanted to have an accomplishment wall for j. here it is. . pictures of russia.. missionary plaqe and medical school diploma! i love how it turned out!

i printed out the "i love us" and framed it. so cheap.
our guest room! added a gold accent to the bed, haven't added the lace to the pillow yet.. but you get the idea.

found this dresser for $3.. polished it up with old english, found the books for 25 cents each at the library

mom and i decided to antique the chair. remember this one? the brown one i got for free off the curb!?

i bought a magazine for $1 that came out when j.f k died .. the pages smelled antiquey and i loved how they looked. so i decided to find my favorite silouettes online and print them off. my hubby asked why they aren't frames. i like the look and am sick of buying frames. haha

kitchen. my mom spoiled us and bought this bird painting. i love it!

love using my cricit to make sayings.

this is our "dining room".. i'm looking for the perfect dining table to get eventually (preferably antique if it were up to me).

found this piece of furniture for $3. it was so ugly. we painted it antique white and then added stain to it and knicked it, then spray painted lace and added it to the drawers.. still looking for knobs.

family room collage.

pillows we made!! i hated the pillows that came with the couch. j liked the back of it (same fabric as the couch) so we kept the back ! we've already watched so many movies on this couch! so comfy!

a shot from upstairs

cute little knook. we had a great time finding things to put inside.

the owl is my favorite

and the candle that is battery operated so i don't burn the house down:)

last but not least, got a cheap rug at walmart and painted hi and bye on it.

thanks to my mama.. our door is freshly painted and somehow she talked a guy into giving her a free wreath.. ya. she's the best.

well, that's it for now. my husband doesn't tell people.. ya.. we're settled.. well kinda.. their isn't anything up on the walls yet. anymore" HA. love feeling "settled" and my mom and i did it very cheap!
now you can come visit!!


lexi said...

Very cute! I might have to steal the make up magnet board idea!

Jenna said...

So cute, Joslyn! You are so creative and talented.

Anonymous said...

some of the stuff is cute, but others are a tad cheesy...

Anonymous said...

WOW you can do so much with so little!! you are gifted my dear!

marilyn said...

AMAZING, can't wait tell we can visit. I bet Justin looks forward coming home, just to see what his creative little wife has come up with. You have no limits in the talent department, you must be related to your mom and dad! I love it Jos, you make us soooo happy, Love you and Happy Birthday tomorrow!!!!! I realized I don't have your address when I went to mail your card, so I will get it from you tomorrow when I call you, now it will really be late. Love You!

Monica said...

I love love love this post...brought back so many fun memories! That was a trip of a lifetime doing my favorite thing...creating with my daughter. Loved EVERY minute of it!!! Your house is seriously the most amazing place ever. I love the sayings you added. It makes me so happy how much you love the cricut! Happy almost birthday my beautiful daughter.
P.S. You are way more creative than I and I love your style it is so warm and inviting!!! Can't wait to show dad in October! Muaw!!!

Meg said...

Um.. who is telling you, you are cheesy?! LOL That is funny! People!

I seriously am in AWE of what you have done. YOU AMAZE ME!