Wednesday, August 24, 2011

west side market

is absolutely amazing. they have every type of food you could imagine. cheeses, pasta, spices, smoothies, candy, baked goods, mexican, bread, homemade crepes ect.

the best produce ever and you can negotiate prices.. i got a whole thing of strawberries for a $1 and they were the best i've had which is saying a lot since i eat them in my yogurt every day.
we decided to get crepes! we watched him make them!
yum. nutella crepes with strawberries inside!!

cutest farm stand i've ever seen.
we drove through cleveland, i just love the feel of this city.
the churches get me every time.

j loves how cleveland has such random "art"
cutest yellow apartment!

so colorful!

we drove through little italy. it's adorable. we have to go back to one of the restraunts! oh how i love italian and experiencing new things with my hubby!


marilyn said...

Jos you must be the best travel angent ever, I want to go to cleveland! Beautiful I love it!

Mr. & Mrs. Woolf said...

Did I ever mention that Lando has an interview at Ohio State University on September 7th? Your post sure does make me want to go there. BUT first Lando must be accepted. We are so far behind your two :).