Saturday, March 12, 2011

a much needed

day off and sissy day!

consisted of the gym, crafting, giggling, eating and yogurt.

sounds perfect to me.

ha, posers

we got a little carried away..

our masterpieces..

{hip-headbands now has necklaces!!} for more details

went to sub zero and got the coconut, strawberry yummy goodness in a waffle cone.

oh how i love my sissy, crafting, giggling, days off and yogurt :)

.. ended with a perfect night with the hubby
we went to sauce and walked around dana park.
oh how we can't get enough of this weather & eachother.


Jill Heaps said...

I want to come!! You guys are so awesome! I love how close you have always been. I LOVE your necklaces. You guys are so creative! Love you!

Danie Rae Whatcott said...

LOve the necklaces....i have made some like that. SO much fun!!! I love sissy days...Miss you girl!!

marilyn said...

I always have loved seeing you and Laurisa together, how fun both of you married and have that to share too! Love you

wendy said...

i love love love those necklaces!! How much are they?