Tuesday, March 8, 2011

1/2 marathon

in las sendas!
it was so much fun for mom, sis and i to cheer on our hubby's!

proud wife before the race! :)

THE racers!
i loved watching my hubby get "in the zone" before the race.
just ran it in 1:30 (7:16 pace- crazy) then g 1:45, then dad 2:00!


oh, so proud.

til the next race..


Erika said...

You're much better than me...I never let Jon put his arms around me after a run or any time he's all sweaty :) Way to go to the racers! Someday I hope to do one of those...but first things first ;)

marilyn said...

What a champ, they all did amazing and how fun doing it together! Congrats