Tuesday, April 5, 2011


husband had a week off, so we decided to take advantage and go to cali!

first day: the happiest place on earth. yay!!

{he hadn't been since sixth grade, needless to say i was his tour guide.}

happy wife, happy life! right??!

tower of terror! his favorite ride ever. i'm pretty sure i screamed the whole time, while his arms were in the air enjoying every second..we rode twice:)

san fran bridge
jealous much?!

-maybe i should've told husband, he's a lego? so close to getting the sword in the stone out. dang.. oh how we loved the mickey rollar coaster such an amazing view from up high! we waited the longest wait for space mountain.. after an hour and thirty, husband got his phone out and played angry birds. :) i love his concentrated face.

we looved space mountain. so worth the wait.

during the ride. me:"i saw a shooting star" him:"i saw a disco ball." hahah

i might have been the first to laugh during space mountain instead of screaming.

thanks to the hubster. i think this face means he's kinda sick of taking pictures.. hahah

oh how i loved the world of color show. my favorite was ariel. i sang part of your world, while hubby wrapped his arms around me. i felt like i was a five year old living the dream

husband said "woah, that was just like the balagio show, but on pixie dust."

i love how funny he is, he makes me laugh always.

we couldn't make it til midnight. our legs were noodles. oh, so worth it!!

--next day we weren't sure what we were going to do besides church. this is why i love going on vacations with my man. he loves exploring and we always have such a fun spontaneous day!

we loved going to church in l.a and across the street was the temple.

we were in awh. it is huge and so so beautiful!

we decided to check out beverly hills. first timer! no. i do not have a louis vitton or a dog and i'm doing juuust fine.. i may have gotten a few stares because i was walking around in my target shoes and thrift store purse. hahaha

we were amazed by the houses.

people say i look like nicole kidman..

and people say he looks like tom cruise.

kidding :) he's more attractive.

i may be a little biased though.

drove up to see the hollywood sign! i just love us.

suuuch a beautiful view. we loved how green it was

we went to malibu and had our own private beach at sunset. it was PARADISE.

i realllly could've stayed there forever.

LOVED what i caught him writing in the sand

the next day we rented bikes and rode into hunington beach. this may sound wierd, but i crave riding bikes on the boardwalk. it's so relaxing.

we enjoyed watching the surfers surf.

my pro biker

my favorite thing to do.

we ended the trip by grabbing yogurt at yogurtland. mm

& a special thanks to all the random people who took pictures of us.

dear california:

we might not see you for awhile considering ohio is way longer than 5 hours away. until then..



Jolyn Buhrley said...

I love your sweet posts! AND yes, I am jealous! WE LOVE Disney! Looked like a wonderful weekend together. love you Mrs.P

Jill Heaps said...

What a fun week together! I am so glad you were able to spend it in one of the funnest places on earth...well, other than Utah of course ;)
I LOVE you!!! You guys make a GREAT team!

Christina said...

So sweet! I love it! I hope to be able to make it there this year!:)