Tuesday, March 8, 2011

"twenty nine and married

feels younger, than twenty eight and single."

was the birthday boy's quote of the day.
-i woke up before him at six am to make him pancakes (first time ever). i decorated the house. . blew up my very first balloon and put notes all over. he even got to open one of his presents during breakfast!

once he got home from his rotation at the hospital, i made him his favorite dinner: chicken enchiladas and opened presents.

he's been away from home for so long.. that he doesn't remember having a birthday cake. he was very shocked.

it was a realllly yummy reeses peanut butter cup ice cream cake.

the flame is red like the candle.

oh, so festive.

the presents: four dress shirts, three ties and his very first professional massage and getting spoiled by his wife.. what more can a man want?

{and i'm happy because now he will be looking mighty fine during residency in kenneth cole shirts and ties that were $70 and on sale for $15.}

yes, i re-used bags and instead of tissue paper used fabric.

welcome to the life of a doctor-to be's wife :)
oh how he was fun to spoil.

my parents took us out the next night.

such a fun night with the adults..

you wouldn't believe some of us were adults though..

oh dad, justin and g.

suuuch posers. but you make life fun, so we will put up with it :)

only a real man can wear what the balloon man made up..

& mine wore it well.

oh how he loved this part.

my family spoiled him with more ties, shirts and a gift card to tia rosas that we intended to use last night.. but forgot, so now we will have to go again! oops. :)

it was a happiest of birthdays!


Jill Heaps said...

Happy Birthday Justin!! We are so glad to have you in our family!

Monica said...

What a fun celebration!!! You two are so perfect for each other! He is a blessing in all of our lives! And we loved celebrating your life. Looks like you got spoiled Justin!

marilyn said...

Happy Birthday Justin, what a great wife you have and what a great husband she has. Jos I love seeing you so happy! Love you sooo much!!!!