Monday, February 21, 2011


was the day we found out where we are going to be living the next 4 years starting this june... cleveland ohio!!

we are thrilled. it is a very complicated process to match especially with the specialty desired and their were only 4 spots in this match, its a really good program and because its four years, i will see more of my husband compared to a three year program. family: save up and come visit us, we could drive to NYC, DC and Chicago within a few hours.. needless to say,
i'm a very proud wife.

we celebrated by going to THE yummiest, most romantic pizza place called pizzeria bianco
i feel like valentines day is everyday, but still loved the special day we had.

marriage with jpattee is oh, so wonderful.


marilyn said...

This is going to be such an exciting time for the two of you, with the church you will have immediate family, Justin says there will be lots of byu students there too. Congradulations that is quite an honor, how great that the two of you can do this together you will grow to love Ohio and wherever you live because you have each other. So happy for you and again Congradulations !!!!! Love you

Jolyn Buhrley said...

YEAH!!!! I loved catching up on your posts! But you were way to modest about your hubby. My honey told me Justin didn't just get into a good program, he got into the best...which only the best get! CONGRATS!! So excited for you guys!!

Christine & Todd said...

Im so excited for you! but.. what is your hubby going into? miss u Joss!! i have questions for u ha Ill just message u on facebook!

Willi Nixon said...

You're such a lucky girl :) i'm so happy for you two. LOVE you!

Cassie said...

how fun for you guys!!

♥Maren said...

Congratulations! You know... you could also drive to St. Louis! (We always have a spot for you!)