Monday, March 29, 2010

rumor has it..

in this case..
{accomplishing my goals. green arrows. purple frozen grapes. picnics. jammin to music with windows rolled down. deep conversations under the stars. wearing flip flops all year around. jeans. painting my nails. chewing gum. swimsuits. dinner at carrabas/ gecko grill. blow pops. getting texts that make me smile. jewelery. shopping at forever21. babysitting cute kids. dove chocolate.working in the salon. working out. hiking. making things. hugs. competition. chick flicks. sleeping in til eight thirty. sunsets/sunrises. putting my toes in the sand. roadtrips. kisses. laying out in my hammock. swimming. chettah. blankets. hot chocolate. girls nights. notes. fun dates with spontaneity. my savior who gives me strength. playing games. my family. hot tub. that i can learn to love again}


Sunday, March 28, 2010

for the very first time..

..i went long boarding on a basketball court ..i played with betty spaghetti's on tara's last night
i made yummy crepes from scratch with jami i had a very spiritual sunday night at the temple with my brother

{i feel my saviors love.}
i know he lives and loves me more than i can comprehend.
thank goodness for his wonderful plan that we can live with our loved ones forever.
i love that he's guiding my pathway to my bright future ahead..

Friday, March 26, 2010

miss independant?

.. i'd like to think i am..
however when it comes to putting things together and using tools.. i'm not
so sure..

i do know how to find good sales though.

i needed a portable thing to store my hair stuff in.. i went to sally's and had two choices. buy one thats already put together for 115 or get the one i have to assemble for 80 that includes a 50 dollar peanut (plus mines broken) .. i bet you can guess which one i chose.
i get home and roll my sleeves up, crank music up and think ok, here i go..
then when i read words like "steel dome nuts, caster stems and back washers"
i decided to ask my little brother to do it for ten bucks.. we will see if he will.

so for now this is as good as its going to get..

p.s is there a class to learn how to do things that guys do.. a fix it man class?

if so, sign me up..

Thursday, March 25, 2010

their love

is stronger than i've ever dreamed and better than any sappy love story.they are perfect for eachother.

i can't wait to feel such love for my future man someday the way sister feels about hers.

{this engagement picture is on the background on my phone cause it brings a smile to my face everytime i see it. }

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

theres something sexy about the rain

{kenny chesney couldn't put it better.}

love my tuesday. i slept in and woke up to the sexy arizona rain. i'm in love with it.

sis and i had an amazing rainy day snack. mm. mm. mmm.

life sure is beautiful.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

beautiful hike

on a beautiful day
with a fun group
we ...
sang mulans "lets get down to business" while we hiked
raced some of the way
had an amazing picnic at the springs
took a lot of pictures
were called whipper snappers from an old guy
had a guy who told us he believes in alien take a picture for us
ended with a water fight, ok only austin and i did.. and if you were wondering i won..


.. are a girls best friend

{well, they are for my friends and sis}

four of my good friends including my sister are getting married within the next two months! i'm so excited for all of them! they deserve to be happy forever.

-sis -caitlin

- lace

can't wait for all of their weddings, these girls are going to be four of the most BEAUTIFUL brides ever:)

Monday, March 15, 2010

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

never before

..have i had ben & jerry's ice cream
asked for spoons to eat it with through a gate
connecting the gas station/mickey d's right when they were closing.

{and now i have and i'm glad, very glad.}

why not? will brighten your day and others, it works. trust me.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

lovin these rainy days

so. i don't know why arizona is having so many rainy days.. but i'm loving it.. it rains for a little bit, then the sun comes out. my favorite song to listen to while i'm driving when its raining is cowboy take me away. mmm.

{quote of the day}
i'm in love with it

hands down.

Monday, March 8, 2010


{so. i loved this.}

anne hathaway & johnny depp. amaaaaazing.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

im so gangster, im so thug

.. ok.. maybe i was pretending only for one night
i don't know if he was though.. he had grillz.

{the gang. literally.}

we even "tagged"-- i learned that it is the same thing as grafiti.. who knew? this is not as easy as it looks, it takes some serious finger strength. no joke.

as much fun as it was being a gangster, i think i should stay just the way i am.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

dear future hubby

..whoever you may be, i've been thinking about you lately. just thought you should know.
i love to daydream about you and i and think of our future life together..
- how we are going to be madly in love
- be a team, do things together beacause our opinions will matter to both of us
- we will have fun jammin out in the car
-you will love to cuddle and kiss a lot
- we will love being around both of our families
- before we go to sleep some nights we will have deep talks about life
-when you look at me, i'll know you will always love me and be loyal to me
-you will be so honest and i'll cherish it
- we will have late night runs to taco bell and random food fights
- you won't wanna change me and i'll love you just the way you are
-when we go on hikes, you'll encourage me to get to the top
-we will both be hard working
-love our savior and put god first in our marriage
-we will laugh our way through the hard times
-eternity won't be enough for us

my handsome future man,
we will be so in love nothing will be able to get in the way of our love.
can't wait to meet you, {ok, maybe i can} but i'm glad you're coming in the next few years.
with love

luxe salon

i love my job.
we had our grand opening a few weeks ago. the stylists are all so amazing and wonderful. the grand opening was so nice. i'm so glad that i'm apart of such a wonderful salon and be trained by some of the best!

cutting the ribbon!

mom and sis came!

poses on the red carpet:)

i love them.

waiting to give people tours of the salon!

they are so cute!


Monday, March 1, 2010

sisters engaged!

when g asked sis if she would be his forever.. she said. .OHHHHHH YESSS!! g asked me a few weeks ago if he could marry my sis. i love that he asked me before he asked my dad. he knew how to win the sisters heart.. we went to lunch and had a good talk. ever since the night i moved home from utah when i met him, i knew he was the one she would end up with. i have loved getting to know him and knowing that he really is a perfect match for her! he told me two days before he proposed that the ring came in.. i knew that he was going to ask her on friday.. and it was very hard keeping it from sis, but i did! he took her to fountain hills where they had their first kiss, he had gecko grill burritos, chocolate covered strawberry's and bubbly. she was so suprised and we were all so anxious to hear about the proposal. funny story. my friend jami and i went to gecko grill for dinner and didn't know that g picked up dinner for him and sis before we got there... the waiter was like where's your sis? i said.. with grafton, then he was like well, do you know what they are doing. i was like yes, but i can't tell, i promised. he laughed and said well, he came in and got food and showed me the ring already. haha. it was funny. i'm so happy for sis and g. grafton's one of my best friends now and i'm so excited for him to become my older brother. i love seeing my sister this happy. i'm going to miss my sister in certain ways but since i have to share i couldn't choose a better guy than grafton milne. she wanted him to pick it out all on his own, its the most beautiful ring i've ever seen!
their love gives me hope that i can find such a selfless, pure, beautiful, strong love.
may 28th sis will become laurisa ashley milne.
i'm so happy for these two.

{p.s she's going to have the best maid of honor.. just sayin!}