Thursday, March 25, 2010

their love

is stronger than i've ever dreamed and better than any sappy love story.they are perfect for eachother.

i can't wait to feel such love for my future man someday the way sister feels about hers.

{this engagement picture is on the background on my phone cause it brings a smile to my face everytime i see it. }


Laurisa Ashley Whiting said...

Sister, this is going to make me cry...YOU are the most wonderful, supportive, amazing sister in the whole world! Thank you so much for this...Really its amazing! I love you more than I can say. and I'm so excited for you to feel this way someday!!! THIS is what life is all about :)

Heaps Family said...

I must agree!! They are so happy and you can tell! Beautiful!!! The great thing is that YOU are equally BEAUTIFUL! I can't wait to see your prince cause you guys will be PERFECT for eachother too! I love you!

Monica said...

You are the most loving, supportive sister and have always been so proud of her. I love your relationship. It truly is so amazing. I love how you have been a developer of your sister her whole life and she the same with you. A mother couldn't ask for more. I love you so much and am excited for your future and your present of wonderful everyday moments and learning experiences!