Friday, March 26, 2010

miss independant?

.. i'd like to think i am..
however when it comes to putting things together and using tools.. i'm not
so sure..

i do know how to find good sales though.

i needed a portable thing to store my hair stuff in.. i went to sally's and had two choices. buy one thats already put together for 115 or get the one i have to assemble for 80 that includes a 50 dollar peanut (plus mines broken) .. i bet you can guess which one i chose.
i get home and roll my sleeves up, crank music up and think ok, here i go..
then when i read words like "steel dome nuts, caster stems and back washers"
i decided to ask my little brother to do it for ten bucks.. we will see if he will.

so for now this is as good as its going to get..

p.s is there a class to learn how to do things that guys do.. a fix it man class?

if so, sign me up..

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