Monday, March 29, 2010

rumor has it..

in this case..
{accomplishing my goals. green arrows. purple frozen grapes. picnics. jammin to music with windows rolled down. deep conversations under the stars. wearing flip flops all year around. jeans. painting my nails. chewing gum. swimsuits. dinner at carrabas/ gecko grill. blow pops. getting texts that make me smile. jewelery. shopping at forever21. babysitting cute kids. dove chocolate.working in the salon. working out. hiking. making things. hugs. competition. chick flicks. sleeping in til eight thirty. sunsets/sunrises. putting my toes in the sand. roadtrips. kisses. laying out in my hammock. swimming. chettah. blankets. hot chocolate. girls nights. notes. fun dates with spontaneity. my savior who gives me strength. playing games. my family. hot tub. that i can learn to love again}


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