Thursday, March 4, 2010

dear future hubby

..whoever you may be, i've been thinking about you lately. just thought you should know.
i love to daydream about you and i and think of our future life together..
- how we are going to be madly in love
- be a team, do things together beacause our opinions will matter to both of us
- we will have fun jammin out in the car
-you will love to cuddle and kiss a lot
- we will love being around both of our families
- before we go to sleep some nights we will have deep talks about life
-when you look at me, i'll know you will always love me and be loyal to me
-you will be so honest and i'll cherish it
- we will have late night runs to taco bell and random food fights
- you won't wanna change me and i'll love you just the way you are
-when we go on hikes, you'll encourage me to get to the top
-we will both be hard working
-love our savior and put god first in our marriage
-we will laugh our way through the hard times
-eternity won't be enough for us

my handsome future man,
we will be so in love nothing will be able to get in the way of our love.
can't wait to meet you, {ok, maybe i can} but i'm glad you're coming in the next few years.
with love


Laurisa Ashley Whiting said...

sister, I love this!!!! :)

{megs in wonderland} said...

he's out there Jos! and when you find him, life will be better than you could have even imagined!!! love ya:)

brittany said...

ummmmm...I LOVE you!!! :)

Jessica Judy said...

I love this! I am with you, Jos, in waiting and looking forward to the future wonderful times with my special someone. I hope we'll both meet him soon! it'll be fun to see you when I come home in about a month, and we'll be in the same ward again! :)

Rose said...

He'll be here in July! hehe