Saturday, October 2, 2010

road trip!

i flew out to ohio to be with my man on his days off and his spontaneous mind thought of taking a road trip..
so we did, and loved every second of it.
the east coast is soo beautiful, we "oo'd and "awe'd" the whole drive.
we went under so many bridges and tunnels and always held our breath. just always won by far.
first stop: d.c.
the lincoln memorial

justin's good friend, billy and his wife gave us a tour around the sites

the washington monument

we stayed with just's brother and family. it was so good to have dinner with them and visit. little jane loved having her uncle justin read to her.

next stop: new york city.

{just had never been, and i'm so in love with this busy city}

just LOVED driving in n.y.c, i'm pretty sure that was his favorite part. he loved the craziness of it all.

central park was beautiful
highlight:walking around central park, climbing on rocks and listening to the live jazz music.

battery park. we saw the statue of liberty and loved the view of the city and getting rained on.
love this future hubby of mine..

times square!! on our way back to ohio, we stopped in hershey, pa. it was so much fun to see the process of how the hershey chocolate bar is made. it was pretty intense.

we drove through/saw: ohio, pennsylvania, west virgina, virgina, maryland, delaware, new jersey, new york and connecticut.

yes, this officially makes us world-wide travelers.

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Jill Heaps said...

SO fun!! I can't wait to see you guys together!!! FUN TIMES girl!! Love you :)