Wednesday, October 6, 2010

"my day's not complete til my needle and thread meet.."

what have i been up to while just is in ohio you ask?
--wedding plans
-- haircuts
--headband orders
--working in the salon
--learning how to be a better cook
--reading nicholas spark books
and the newest.. embellishing plain tanks

i seriously can't wait to wear carnigans over them. oooh how i love arizona fall.


marilyn said...

You definetly have some of your mother in you and your dad too of course, talent oozing out everywhere, its so fun to see your never ending talents, I try to not think its not fair for some to have so many but I couldn't be happier especially when its my kids and grandchildren that is the Best! Great Job! Love you

Stephanie Vogel said...

Cute Joslyn! Your so talented!

wendy said...

those tanks are adorable!!! is there anything you can't do?

JMay said...

You made those!? Girllllll! Great job!!! Loveeeeee