Wednesday, September 22, 2010


i'm not a pro at cooking.. i burnt dinner tonight and had to start from scratch.. i was bummed and told my sis and got this response : "at least you didn't feed your hubby enchiladas that fell, the glass container broke, tried to salvage in another container and bite fulls of glass! good thing he loves me."

ohhh how she always makes me feel better.

she's right at least i didn't do that..


Boise Buhrley's said...

LOL! :) Thanks cute girls! I needed a laugh tonight! I'm making lunch for 20 teenagers tomorrow...I will be thinking of you both!

marilyn said...

I love this you girls are so cute and it is a good thing husbands love us, and how couldn't they love you and Laurisa, I think glass makes you tough but I wouldn't try that, at least your husband being a doctor will know how to survive! Even I didn't feed grandpa glass, that is a good one! I'm glad you are writing all these wonderful memories down, Love You and you will have many many fun wonderful memories for the rest of your life!