Monday, October 4, 2010

let the count down

10 days: fiance moves back home (well for a month)
27 days:halloween
53 days: thanksgiving
74 days: i become mrs. joslyn marie pattee forever
and we will both share the name j.pattee
75 days: honeymoon
83 days:christmas day
90 days: til a brand spankin new year 2011

dang life is swexcellent.// word invented by just in btwn sweet & excellent. you love it.

{bet you can guess which day i'm looking forward to the most..}


"if all we have is forever i think we should start right now."


Willi Nixon said...

can't wait for 74 days from now :)

marilyn said...

Jos, you are precious you have it all down, I can't wait!!!! Love you