Thursday, September 2, 2010

"hey baby, let's go to vegas.."

justin is now on his second rotation [half way there] in vegas.
my aunt lives there and we decided it would be fun to take advantage of his 4 days off. my parents gave me a plane ticket for my birthday. best. present. ever.
i sure do love being around my jpattee.
got kicked out of a few casinos cause they didn't believe me that i reallllly am twenty two.
nearly knocked over a handicapped lady.
had a homeless guy ask if he could write a song for us.
held my mans hand the whole day walking around.
somehow let him convince me that the big shot on the stratosphere wouldn't be that bad.. my feet were sweating; it was scary regardless.. but FUN.
people watched and discussed with eachother what we think their story is.
got asked if we were married many times.
learned how to breathe through my mouth in the smoking sections.
had a very very silly waiter who forgot my napkins while i was eating messy wings.
loved window shopping/looking at all the amazing buildings and lovely architecture.
laughing my head off while spending time with just.
realized that carrots and mashed potatoes can be gross at buffets.
asked people how old they think i am.. guys would say 16-18, the girls would nail it and say 22.
loved when we asked someone and they said i looked 22 and justin looked 19, she felt dumb when we told him he was 28.
the eiffel tower at night was so beautiful. we went to the top and got lucky because the water show at the bellagio was going off.

louis vitton.

suuuch a cool building.
the balligio took my breathe away..
and so did the fountain show
strike a pose..
newyork-newyork. just always had the ideas of going on rides. we went on the rollar coaster that went through these buildings.

and another one that was outside of the strip. 250 foot drop... scurry! you better believe we did it twice and the second time, justin videoed the whole thing. i yelled his name and screamed the whole time.. by the time it was done BOTH of our hair was sticking straight up and our mouths were oh so dry.


the eiffel tower at paris during the day

m&m world. our favorite water fall wall. i'd like to think its our new spot.

GQ? yup. he's mine and i love it.
we got out of the car because we wanted a picture with this huge guy..
take one.

take two
we wanted one with both of us in it.. so we decided to ask a guy near by that didn't speak english.

he literally took a whole entire minute to attempt to take the picture. just scared me and said, "he's going to run" i got so scared, thinking he was.. turned out, the screen was black and he was trying to figure out how to take it.

well, we got one.. however the man's head is chopped off.
he insisted we take a picture of him. haha wow.

vegas, ill see you again in less than two weeks. til we meet again..


Monica said...

What a beautiful couple. You are so perfect for each other! I'm so glad that you got away together! It looks like you had such a wonderful time! Love you both!!! Mom

marilyn said...

How neat you can share your trip with us I'm so glad you had such a great time, I love seeing the two of you together and especially that you look so happy and beautiful thank Justin for us, he is what we have been praying for! Love you

Jill Heaps said...

It looks like a great trip! You guys make a great couple... I am SO EXCITED to hear you are getting married YA HOO!!! Congrats Love you!

nadia shea said...

I love that you got kicked out of casinos. That is so adorable.

Kaitlin said...

Soooo cute! looks like you are SO happy Jos :)