Tuesday, September 21, 2010

i love that

"once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life.

LOVE gives us a fairy tale. "

& that's exactly what happened.

lately i've been so grateful that he came
into my life when he did and how he did.
he was worth every day of heartbreak
and everything i went through to get to him.
in december i get him forever.
i might be getting teary eyed right about now...


Stephanie Vogel said...

I knew you would find an amazing husband, you needed someone just as amazing as you! Seriously I told Levi way back when we met up in UT you deserve someone so wonderful. I am so so happy for you Joslyn!!

Willi Nixon said...

:) i'm so happy for you two. i can't wait for the wedding and to get to know him!

AngelaMuir said...

so that fairy tale quote has been my favorite since i was like 14 and we totally used it on our wedding invites :)Oh and i totally didn't know how to cook anything before we got married- i'll send you my favorite easy cookbook. hope all the plans are coming together!