Friday, August 13, 2010

how i feel:

"there's a place, i've been lookin for that took me in and out of buildings behind windows, walls
and doors and i thought i found it couple times even settled down then i'd hang around long enough to find my way back out i know now
that the place i was tryin' to reach was you right here in front of me
and i wouldn't change a thing
i'd walk right back through the rain back to every broken heart on the day that it was breakin' it's amazin' what i let my heart go through to get me where it
got me in this moment here with you and it passed me by god knows how many times i was so caught up in holdin' what i never thought i'd find i know now there are a million roads to take to get me in your arms this way i'd relive all the years and be thankful for the tears i've cried with every stumble, step that led to you and got me here to a love i'd never thought i get to get to, here and if that's the road god made me take to be with you..that got me, here
right here"

{i'm so thankful for life with my man, he's more than i ever dreamed
my future IS bright and i love it..}


Jill Heaps said...

Is someone in LOVE??? :)

marilyn said...

So glad you are in love it looks good on you!