Tuesday, August 17, 2010

bowling like you've never seen

we bowled on monday night. my family is very transparent. you can read them by looking at their faces. trust me.

mitch beat the whole crew with: 148!
we on the other hand, didn't do so hot..

neither did they.. but we still had fun.. g hates mustard so we put it inside his finger hole in his ball. yeah. he didn't think it was as funny as we did..
oh mitch..
oh how those dimples melt me..
hey, i got some strikes, believe it or not.

dang, i love this man..

thats besides the point.. here's the bowling crew..

lets just say the people around our lanes were veryyy entertained. we will leave it at that..

{no, i didn't bowl in flip flops, i took my shoes off before the family picture, i should've known better}

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