Sunday, August 1, 2010

he's the best

he knows how much i love bowling. so he literally called 20 bowling alley's to find pins for sale and went to 4 goodwills to find a ball.
he suprised me and we bowled in a parking lot. i am proud to say that i got 3 strikes in a row. it's the truth.
dang i love this man. he makes life so entertaining and wonderful.

{11 weeks with audition rotations in different states better go fast.}

goodbye spending every free second with him;
hello- sewing headbands, quilts, clothes, reading, time with girlfriends and family.
thank goodness for phones and skype.


Amber said...

So happy for you!!!!!!!!!

Jill Heaps said...

So fun Josy! It looks like life is being bery good to you!
Love you!

The Dobbins said...

SOOO CUTE! Im so happy for you Jos. He seems perfect!

Rebecca Woolf said...

So Cute! I hope all goes well :)

marilyn said...

Justin is defenitely for you Jos He knows your number and I couldn't be happier, give him a hug for me and telling him thats for loving my precious grandaughter!!!!!!Love you

Meg said...

That is tooo cute!!! He sure knows the FUN ADVENTUROUS side of yoU!

Ashley Fastle said...


Jill Rogers said...



SOOO stoked for you. But I MUST get the D.L.! Is he already a doc, in medical school, in residency? Etc.

And should y'all be curious, apparently the state of Nevada has the highest salary for health care professionals ;-) I'm just sayin'...Henderson is AWESOME.