Saturday, January 28, 2012

life lately.

on tuesday we were able to have dinner together. with our work schedules this is a very rare thing. we do have bagel bites/cheese crisps or cereal around midnight or so very often.. but that's not a real dinner if you ask me.  . it was a very yummy italian dinner. so what if i had to wait an hour for dr. pattee. . it's hard to time it just right :) 

it sure did snow! 
our cute gazebo, where we get our mail. everything's so pretty with snow on the ground..
i'm a sucker for flowers and snow...
i watch this little three month year old sometimes in between the salon, such a little cutie.
loove kardashian kolor polish .. goes on like this with one coat..
we made a six foot snowman! it was so much fun!! he has blue rhine stoned eyes and felt buttons, j picked out the hat! 
the last two mornings, i woke up and went on a walk around the neighborhood. 
nothing like fresh powder snow.
excuse my naked face and bed head :)
my ear muffs have head phones inside and i love them.
so what if the walks ended when my hot chocolate was finished..
our heater is broken AGAIN. our owners are on a cruise and we can't do anything til they get back .. just to let you know, a 50 degree house is COLD. i came home from work this week and found this napkin and j by the oven. . he of course kept track of how long it took to warm up the house. oh how i love my man who loves his numbers..
there sure are lots of cuddles going on around here, we are trying to stay warm for our own survival, what can we say!? ;)

Friday, January 20, 2012


oh, how wonderful it was to have a whole week in amazing arizona!  
some of my favorite things about this wonderful state.. the palm trees, sunsets, qt, & orange trees! 
it was so much fun to be at my parents house, they had a welcome home sign for me and  a basket full of suprises!  one morning, my dad woke me up with fresh squeeze orange juice and layed on the hammock and roxy kept me company:)
Oh how i loved being followed around by my cute doggies. they even hung around while we crafted!
we did our favorite thing.. CRAFT!!! we went to hobby lobby 5 times in three days! 
We made purses!!
and started and finished my first quilt for our family room! i'm so excited to put soft minky on the back and to have it quilted!!
i also made a  pillow to match, we made a skirt and valentine garland!

it was so much fun being able to go on a date with mom, dad sis & g! olive garden was too packed so we went to my big fat greek restaurant sis, g and i were first timers and we loved it!! 
the temple was amazing! such a treat to be able to go with mom and sis! love that we were all sealed to our wonderful husbands in the mesa temple :)
sis and g's house is so beautiful! i loved spending the night! 
her guest room is done in my favorite colors !! she made the cutest pillows for it!
i helped put a few finishing touches in her house! we made the cute yarn balls to match the MILNE!
after spending a week attached to her hip, i now floss every single day .. it was so much  fun  having her teach me all about dental hygiene! .. yes, this is norman .. the guy she practices on.. and yes, i had a photo shoot with him..
my favorite food in arizona is the mexican!! we went to cafe rio, costa vida, tia rosas and since my favorite gecko grill is closed, we went to a place in queen creek called moreno's with the same menu. oh how i loved all the good food! ohio sure does lack on good mexican..
we went to see great nana. i'm so lucky to have my great grandma still alive! she said she loves me so much  it hurts. she is too cute for words!
love the nana!
oh how i love sissy. it was hard being away from her for 7 months. we had never been apart for that long.
one night we cooked dinner for g and then went to see twilight and did glitter nails:)
it was so much fun catching up with my cute friends! oh how i love them!
i took jake to his favorite panda express for his birthday, he's such a stud.
loove the nice clean, big, open roads in arizona!
loved having mom's homemade bread. nana was so cute and let me do whatever i wanted to her hair:)
i wish i could go back next week! it felt so good to be back! i love you arizona! take care of my friends and family while i'm away.
 until next time..

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

holiday time :)

we had such a great christmas!! my friend from france, jenny came to visit us and experienced a different christmas than in france! we spent christmas eve dinner with our friends, made gingerbread houses, looked at lights and justin made cinnamon rolls. that is our new tradition. they were soooo yummy!we also had enchiladas for christmas dinner and then went to our friends house for a dessert party!  
christmas morning was perfect. 
we decided to not do christmas presents this year, just stuff our stockings :)  my in laws gave the money that would've been ours to homeless in belize! well, my phone will never be dead anymore because of my  new wall and car charger! j got tons of candy (which i almost ate half of) such a bad wife, and a gift card to chipotle! jenny gave us chocolates from france and other foods!
jenny came into the salon and we waxed her eyebrows for the first time and gave her a haircut, and styled her hair!
oh how we loved the snow!! 
we went to the rock & roll hall of fame! it was my first time! we loved it!! loved seeing elvis presley's, the beatles and michael jackson's old things!
the history of rock and roll 
inside the tower city center!!
had lunch at the yummiest place on E 4th Street!

downtown was all lit up for the holidays! so charming!!
oh how fun!
it snowed, we had hot chocolate, watched girly movies, painted nails and made hairbows :)
jenny is living in canada right now for school and had us sign her flag!
last, but not least.. crocker park to get make up at sephora
j was planning on working all night new years eve, but he came home just in time to celebrate the new year!! :) hello 2012!! can't wait to see what memories you bring!!
yesterday j came in to get his haircut, then we played in the snow! he won the snowball fight for sure!! oh how i love this man!!!
oh, life's good.