Wednesday, January 4, 2012

holiday time :)

we had such a great christmas!! my friend from france, jenny came to visit us and experienced a different christmas than in france! we spent christmas eve dinner with our friends, made gingerbread houses, looked at lights and justin made cinnamon rolls. that is our new tradition. they were soooo yummy!we also had enchiladas for christmas dinner and then went to our friends house for a dessert party!  
christmas morning was perfect. 
we decided to not do christmas presents this year, just stuff our stockings :)  my in laws gave the money that would've been ours to homeless in belize! well, my phone will never be dead anymore because of my  new wall and car charger! j got tons of candy (which i almost ate half of) such a bad wife, and a gift card to chipotle! jenny gave us chocolates from france and other foods!
jenny came into the salon and we waxed her eyebrows for the first time and gave her a haircut, and styled her hair!
oh how we loved the snow!! 
we went to the rock & roll hall of fame! it was my first time! we loved it!! loved seeing elvis presley's, the beatles and michael jackson's old things!
the history of rock and roll 
inside the tower city center!!
had lunch at the yummiest place on E 4th Street!

downtown was all lit up for the holidays! so charming!!
oh how fun!
it snowed, we had hot chocolate, watched girly movies, painted nails and made hairbows :)
jenny is living in canada right now for school and had us sign her flag!
last, but not least.. crocker park to get make up at sephora
j was planning on working all night new years eve, but he came home just in time to celebrate the new year!! :) hello 2012!! can't wait to see what memories you bring!!
yesterday j came in to get his haircut, then we played in the snow! he won the snowball fight for sure!! oh how i love this man!!!
oh, life's good.


Jill Heaps said...

I love you!! Is there any way to say it other than that? I LOVE seeing all the great adventures you are having! Keep them coming and heres to a wonderful New Year!

Amber said...

You have such a talent for making memories Jos! I love your photography! I want one of those cinnamon rolls!!! Happy New Year!!!

Grafton and Laurisa Milne said...

Aww I love love love this!! Thanks for putting in the time to post this. I love all the pictures you posted. It looks like you guys had a blast. love the pictures of the city :) I promise I will come visit you sometime, i'd love to see these sites! You and Justin and so presh. sure love you two and the fun you are having together. P.s. you are absolutely beautiful. I can't wait to see you!!! SO SOON!!!

Alexis Kaye said...

If anyone can make living the the freezing cold look fun it's you! :)

marilyn said...

your blog is so fun, the pictures are great! I don't remember Ohio being so beautiful, I think you make it shine! Thanks for sharing Mitch's letters, he is doing so great, which I knew he would of course. Its so neat to see him so excited and giving his 2oo! Love you and Happy New Year! I can't even begin to imagine what 2012 will bring, but we are ready!

Barbara said...

Hey this is Barbara Nielsen, Ben and Krista's sis in law, (married to Jeremy) :) I came across your blog and just wanted to say that I love your posts! They are always so adorable and so happy! Way to have the best attitude during residency! You two are adorable! Oh and my blog is private but if you want an invitation such shoot me an email. Happy New Year!

Karina Marie Powell said...

ok i don't know how i came across this cute blog but i did! you two are absolutely darling! you are beautiful! so so cute