Saturday, January 28, 2012

life lately.

on tuesday we were able to have dinner together. with our work schedules this is a very rare thing. we do have bagel bites/cheese crisps or cereal around midnight or so very often.. but that's not a real dinner if you ask me.  . it was a very yummy italian dinner. so what if i had to wait an hour for dr. pattee. . it's hard to time it just right :) 

it sure did snow! 
our cute gazebo, where we get our mail. everything's so pretty with snow on the ground..
i'm a sucker for flowers and snow...
i watch this little three month year old sometimes in between the salon, such a little cutie.
loove kardashian kolor polish .. goes on like this with one coat..
we made a six foot snowman! it was so much fun!! he has blue rhine stoned eyes and felt buttons, j picked out the hat! 
the last two mornings, i woke up and went on a walk around the neighborhood. 
nothing like fresh powder snow.
excuse my naked face and bed head :)
my ear muffs have head phones inside and i love them.
so what if the walks ended when my hot chocolate was finished..
our heater is broken AGAIN. our owners are on a cruise and we can't do anything til they get back .. just to let you know, a 50 degree house is COLD. i came home from work this week and found this napkin and j by the oven. . he of course kept track of how long it took to warm up the house. oh how i love my man who loves his numbers..
there sure are lots of cuddles going on around here, we are trying to stay warm for our own survival, what can we say!? ;)


Grafton and Laurisa Milne said...

the snow does really look beautiful! lets hope you still like it in four months when its still there! haha. i love you sissy, and that cute hubby of yours. glad your making the best of ohio. still miss you though :( one week wasn't long enough.

that baby is totally precious like mama mia!

can I have your nail polish? :)

my favorite part of the snowman is the blue rhinestone eyes! perfect touch!

your hearts look ADORE hanging up!!!

you are beautiful, and I love when you blog :)

you are quite the impressive photographer.

coolest headphones/muffs ever! genius. and now I want hot chocolate mmm :)

p.s you are missing part of your life lately: LOST!...and Saawwyyer ooh la la... haha. joke :)


Amber said...

Your post makes me smile and think of all the simple things that make me happy and grateful. You have a gift for seeing the beauty in life and I love how you capture it in a post!

The Merrills said...

Cutest blog!! I love your posts! I don't know if I'd have as much fun as you do in Ohio! Haha you are awesome!