Wednesday, November 2, 2011


what a wonderful thing it was to be in a state that has such a colorful/beautiful fall. the heat is turned on in this house. im betting it will snow this month!
we absolutely loved watching the leaves change and seeing all the pumpkins around!
j took me to the woods in the back of our neighborhood and we caught leaves and  enjoyed the morning off and went to lunch together.
our residents friends, rob & jill had their beautiful baby girl. i loved holding her at 22 hours old
i dressed up as a witch for work. j was such a good husband and sprayed my hair black. of course wash out! we ran out so it turned out to be ombre hair haha. 

                                                my cute parents!! don't they look good!?
sister and g make good jamaicans!
                           mitch was a snake charmer, his girl(friends) were snakes! so creative!
                                          believe it or not, this is jake! living in the 70's!
last but not least, roxy and paco as a carrot and bumble bee. oh how we miss them!
              our decorations!
our pumpkin we carved halloween night.we each carved a ghost! we had such a good night passing out candy and we roasted pumpkin seeds and had apple cider!


Jill Heaps said...

Jos, I LOVE that you blog so we can get a peak into your world! It is beautiful! You look so happy and I love that you embrace wherever you are! I love you!! You make a great witch...Yes, we needed your help for crazy hair day :) LOVE YOU!

marilyn said...

Ditto, to what Jill said, we love your blogs they really do let us into your world, I wish I knew how you do it, We have to learn because it is so great to be able to share with your family! Jos you are our sunshine, and you always make us smile. You are so amazing, we love you!!!!

Amber said...

Yahoo, my computer lets me post on your blog! For some reason I haven't been able to.

Your family is SO fun with the holidays! You look like Laurisa with the black hair!