Monday, November 7, 2011

sunday walk

this weekend we had a reaaaal weekend together. it is so rare. but it happened. we went to cheescake factory friday night. . j had his pager on the table just in case he got called in. but so what.. we had a date and loved it. saturday he left at 6 am, and before i woke up he was back. we watched shows and made pumpkin cookies. sunday after church we had lunch at the hospital, and i waited for j to finish up with his patient then we had the whole day together. ever since we met we have always gone on a sunday walk and explored something different. we have loved this tradition, this sunday happened to be the perfect fall day to end a perfect weekend.
i can't get over how pretty the leaves are.
we love the metro parks. there is so much to see!
oh how we love sunshine. . enjoying it while we can!
beautiful waterfall!!
the perfect sunday.. don't mind my messy lazy sunday hair:)
my man found a tree that had fallen..


i just love my husband.

wierdest tree we've ever seen.

oh how i love my big kid..

love the fence.
seeing leaves float in water is so peaceful
at first i was so sad that the leaves were falling but j helped me realize it's a different kind of beautiful.
it sure has been such a wonderful fall so far. xo


Chelsey Oliver: said...

Your pics are killing me! So beautiful.

thekerrclan said...

Love the pictures! Fall in really is the best. We love the Metroparks. We'll have to check this one out.

Kyle and Tara said...

so pretty!!

Monica said...

Fall is your season... it matches your beautiful hair! Love these pictures, they are beautiful!!! I loved having a Sunday walk with you! You are so BLESSED!!!

ms.composure said...

aw these pictures are sooo gr8! you to are just 2 cute!

marilyn said...

Its so fun making your own traditions, way to start out your marriage!