Monday, December 6, 2010


kenz threw the cutest party. it was so much fun.
she made the cutest party favors that said "the perfect man only comes along one in a million" and inside their were "$1,000000" minty chocolates. yuum

oohhh, how i got spoiled:)

we played a game: "pin joslyn's lips on justin" i didn't get the closest, but i did get pretty close! when i told justin that at the end of the night their were a lot of lips on his face- his response was "wow, i sure got a lot of action, tonight."

loved having an intimate group. it was so much fun chatting, snacking and listening to christmas music.
such a fun party:)


Spencer and Jessica Drew said...

looks like fun! sorry I couldn't come to your shower, morning sickness is really all day sickness!

marilyn said...

Adorable, wish I could have been there, I can't begin to tell you how happy we are for our Joslyn Marie, we love you so much! Love you