Monday, December 6, 2010

another party:)

i'd have to say having both of these parties on the same weekend made my last weekend with justin in california a LOT of fun, i hardly noticed he was gone..

the only time with my crazy busy schedule we could do a shower was on saturday night. not very convenient for people, but i loved the intimate group that came. i was able to talk to everyone and enjoy the night. seriously, everyone spoiled me.

i love my families are forever clock
cosmetology girls!
the ones who put it on. i just love jaime and susie!
highland high former cheerleaders
she brought me a lei all the way from hawaii. smelled soooo yummy.
my britt- my very first friend when i moved to arizona in 8th grade:)
meg! her and her roomates spoiled me with a "date night kit, jossie style" you can beat there was a blankie for cuddling, hot chocolate, dove chocolate and a chick flick. oh how i can't wait!
four generations. oh how i love my sister, mommy, nana and great nana.
i wish i had a picture with everyone who came.. and of the YUMMY treats that were catered, oh how they were delightful.
brought it all home. oh, how i'm a spoiled bride to be..

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Caitlin Jones said...

um, i love that clock. and you. and the fact that you are getting married....NEXT FRIDAY!! eeeeeee!!!! i love my jossie : )