Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spring Break: Snow to Sand!

Spring Break was SO much fun this year!! We missed Lauris and Dad though. Dad was on a business trip, and Lauris was in Chicago/Nauvoo with light! We went to the Breinholts cabin in the begining of the week and went snowboarding/skiing! It was so much fun! We watched The boy in The Striped Pajamas the first night. It was about a german boy during the holocaust who made friends with a jew boy. It was such a neat movie. The second day was st. patricks day and the boys had green fro's and snowboarded down the mountain wearing them! It was awesome! The girls wore "Kiss Me I'm Irish" Pins:) That night Katie and I beat our Mom's in sequence (after they beat us twice). It was such a fun trip! There were no one on the slopes, and the weather was PERFECT!!

Rocky Point was AMAZING! There was NO one there .. It was like our own private beach! We stayed at Nana and Grandpa's condo at the sandy beach resort! Every day was full of relaxing, good food, hot tub, movies and games. It was the perfect get away! It was fun, It was kind of like a Mother and Daughter trip.. We spent a lot of time together and made a lot of fun memories! One of the nights, Nana, Mom & I rode horses on the beach! I would have to say that was the highlight! It was amazing!! I miss mexico already!


Christina said...

Wow, you definitely won't loose those boys with those wigs on! Those are great!

I love the pics from the "sand"! Your grandpa is way tall! You look so tiny next to him! :)

Monica said...

What an incredible week! I had so much fun with you! It was so wonderful to have a vacation with so much mother-daughter time! I think we both needed it! I love spending time with you---I consider you my best friend. I am so lucky to have you for a daughter. You are truly amazing and I hope you realize that! You are my hero! I love you!

Britt said...

Those green wigs are HALARIOUS!